Marketing consists of many tools and techniques. The use of these within a business depends on the type of business and the goals the business would like to achieve. Working with me starts with a consultation to discuss your businesses requirements. I will then advise on the best course of action for your business. I can assist you with carrying out the marketing activity required or I can offer training and support to enable you to undertake the planned activity yourself. 

Below are some of the main areas of marketing I can carry out for you or train you in. 

social media training nottinghamshire

| Social Media |

Over the last few years social media has become a key player in any businesses marketing tool kit. There are a few reasons for this; Its free, fast, reaches a wide audience and it is easy to do…once you know how.

The social media sites that I typically cover are:
Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Whilst I believe these 4 are the most useful for small businesses, you may not want to, or need to use them all and that is something I will discuss with you to make sure you are only spending your time using sites that will work for your business.

| Email Campaigns |

Keeping in contact with your audience is essential. Creating a mailing list and setting up interesting, quality messages to communicate with them is a great way to keep your products and services in their mind. 

I can help you to set up and create a mailing list, as well as design and develop content to mail out regularly. 

Email campaigns are a great way to share special offers, added extras and keep a relationship between yourself and your customers. A key part of your marketing tool kit. 



| Blog Writing |

Having an up to date blog is a great way to help with your websites SEO and keep your customers engaged. However, it can be hard to create regular content as well as finding the time to fit it into your busy week. 

I can help you to come up with new and fresh ideas as well as write the content, create the images and pull the blog together ready for submitting to your audience. 

If you are happy to write your own blogs, why not join me for a training session to learn some handy tips and improve the SEO elements of your posts. 

| Event Support |

Events can be a great way to get your products to market and reach a new audience. There are lots of events to choose from these days but making sure you invest in the right ones is essential for your business. 

I can support you in identifying and applying for the right events as well as stand planning, set up and managing on the day of the event. 




| Product Photography |

Portraying your products in the right way is incredibly important, especially in the online world that we live in where people buy as a reaction to the visuals they are exposed to. 

The photos of your products can make or break your business, especially when they are on your website; your online store front. 

I can help you capture your products in a styled shoot to help you portray your business and brand. Images will be high resolution to allow you to use them through all your digital activity as well as through printed material.

Please contact me for a specific quote for the marketing activity or training you require.