email campaigns for small business
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How is your newsletter/mailing list working for you?

Chances are, like most businesses, it’s the last thing on your priority list, especially when you have so many other things to do. However, overlooking your mailing list could make your business vulnerable. Whilst most of us are ploughing lots of effort into social media to promote our businesses and using this as our only marketing tool, we are forgetting a key rule of marketing, which is to use a variety of tools and channels to bring people into our businesses. Many of us have seen big changes with social media recently and whilst this is still a great place for your business to be, what else can you be doing to help promote the amazing things you do?

Did you know that you don’t actually own any of your following on your social media accounts? So if Instagram disappeared tomorrow, all of those followers and communities that you have worked so hard to build up, would disappear with it. So what can you do now to ensure you have another way of connecting with your well earned audience? Well, that mailing list that has been collecting dust for the last couple of years would be a great start! Let’s dust it off, give it a bit of life and start building it again. Let’s create some exciting content, offers and communication that your audience will look forward to receiving. Not only that, but mailing lists are a great way to nurture the customers who are already invested in your business.

My ‘invigorate your emails’ package offers all of the following to get you back on track and regularly engaging with the people that love your business.

  • An in-depth guide to growing your mailing list. All of the great things you can do to get your community signed up and part of your network.

  • An automated welcome email design and set up. The perfect way to show customers that you are serious about your mailing list.

  • A branded sign up page.

  • A GDPR health check - ensuring that your mailing list is compliant for the new rules, has all the correct authorisations, that you have the correct statements on your website and that you are collecting data in the right way.

  • A designed template for you to use for future campaigns.

Bolt on a monthly package where I will develop and design your monthly newsletter. (3 month minimum sign up)

If you have not entered into the world of mailing lists before, let’s get you started! I can offer the same package as above with an additional training guide on how to get started with Mailchimp.

I am only able to book a small number of these packages in each month, so get in touch to find out more and book your slot.