Joining Forces With Helen King Photography

There come a period of time in every successful business where you need to review your processes and the way you work. This has recently been me.

I have been overwhelmed with the amazing clients that I have had the opportunity to work with over the past few years and continue to have contact me about their new and exciting projects. Within the third month of this year, I found myself booked up for the majority of the year!! To enable me to take on a support more clients in the areas they require I realised I needed some extra support with certain areas of my business.

Whilst I have really enjoyed doing some product and brand photography for clients, I decided it was time to get some extra support with this important area of a businesses marketing toolkit, to allow me to focus on my client's other requirements, such as websites, blog support, and social media support. 

Product photography leicestershire
Product photography Derbyshire

For me, this decision was made easier due to the fact that I have an extraordinarily talented sister-in-law who happens to be a rather in-demand wedding photographer, Helen King Photography. Through a conversation about our businesses one day, I discovered this is an area of photography that Helen wanted to explore further and I was instantly excited to get her to collaborate with me on my client projects. 

product photography Nottinghamshire
Product Photography Derbyshire

I am delighted that Helen's services will now be available to my clients and I can't wait to see the results she gets!  Helen's work is fresh, bright and elegant and her eye for attention to detail is very similar to my own. It's these reasons that give me full confidence that she will deliver amazing results for the small businesses that I work with. I adore Helen's photos and could not be happier to be able to use her work on my client's websites and within their marketing activity. 

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Here is a little bit about Helen from the lady herself:

Hi, I'm Helen and I'm the friendly face behind Helen King Photography. I have run my own photography business for 7 years and have loved every minute of it. My business is a mix of wedding, portrait, and commercial photography; basically, anything beautiful or creative and I'm there!

Before embarking on building my own photography business I studied a degree in English Literature and followed a career as a visual merchandiser, I love stories and I'm a storyteller at heart. To me, photography is a way of telling a unique story every time I pick up my camera.

I'm a huge believer in getting to know the people I photograph, whether that's weddings and family photography or understanding the creative people at the heart of the small businesses I work with; so in the spirit of getting to know one another this is a bit about me...

I’m a complete coffeeholic! I have to put myself on caffeine rations or I'd be a jittery mess!

I'm a believer in the power of a good red lippy

Being by the sea makes me feel wild & free and tiny & powerless all at the same time

I love exploring, whether that's exploring the beauty on our very own doorstep or venturing further afield, the world is a marvelous and wondrous place and I want to experience it all.

I love stories, in any form! Give me a good book or movie to get lost in and I'm as happy as a clam.

Music makes me happy, I play a few different instruments and love to listen to classical music, but really I'm a fan of any music - anything that makes me laugh or cry or dance around my kitchen (which is often!)

I'm the family cake baker, any occasion and everyone puts in their request for their favourite bake!


If you would like to plan your product or brand photography, just get in touch with myself or Helen and we will be happy to you plan your visual business branding.