Company owner, Lisa King, started the business from a passion for supporting small businesses in their endeavours to suceed.


Working in Marketing for over 12 years with a degree in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and a wealth of experience with both small and large companies in a wide range of industries. 


Lisa King Consultancy was born from a huge passion for small businesses and wanting to helping them thrive. After several years working as a marketing manager for a large corporate company, I wanted to focused the skills I had on helping the businesses I loved to visit and shop at. I make a bee line for a good independent cafe, restaurant, shop or maker. I love supporting small businesses and really value the effort that is put into what they do. I adore the fact that I now get to work alongside these businesses in enhancing, supporting and improving what they do. Making their life a little bit easier and helping their business to grow makes me very happy. 


If you are going to invite someone into your business it is important you know a little about them. Here are a few facts about me:

  • I’m married and have a daughter called Esme. We live in Nottinghamshire and I work across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. I can work further afield and remotely too, just ask!
  • I am a creative person and I’m constantly inspired by the creativity of the small businesses that I work with. I love a good project and anything that I can have a go at doing myself. This includes sewing, painting and photography.
  • I have a degree in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). I have worked for and with a range of small and large companies, as a consultant, and as an employed marketing manager for a large national organisation. My marketing experience covers many types of businesses in a whole range of industries.
  • I have a stationary obsession. I love a beautiful desk and a pretty note book to go along with it. A visually peaceful, pretty and inspirational working environment are important to me. 
  • For the past three years I have had the pleasure of working with some incredible small businesses. I love what I do and each person I work with fills me with motivation due to their immense passions and drive to create something special within their businesses. 
  • I love Instagram and you can find me posting photos there daily. I think it’s the creative element of imagery that draws me towards it so much. The community there is great too and I have met so many wonderful people through this social site.
  • I am a huge fan of historic architecture. I'm always at my happiest when visiting a National Trust Property.   
  • Most importantly I am incredibly lucky to work with so many fantastic small businesses who constantly inspire me, amaze me and keep me doing what I love.



Ella is a self employed Creative Content Developer who has recently joined Lisa King Consultancy in providing creative content assistance. 

I first met Ella around five years ago when I was a marketing manager for a corporate organisation. Ella joined the business as a recruitment consultant but soon progressed her career to the marketing department. Ella now has a PR degree and has worked in a marketing role for the past 3 years. She is still employed as a marketing assistant for a national company, as well as beginning her own business, but is hoping to one day join the fully self employed club! 

I have always loved Ella's work ethic, fabulous personality and genuine nature. I knew Ella was the perfect person to assist me in my business and able deliver to my very high standards. 

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Helen is a super talented wedding photographer. You can finder her over at I am delighted that she has recently joined me to offer amazing product and brand photography to my clients. 

Helen's work is fresh, bright and elegant and her eye for attention to detail is very similar to my own. Its these reasons that give me full confidence that she will deliver amazing results for the small businesses that I work with. I adore Helen's photos and could not be happier to be able to use her work on my clients websites and within their marketing activity.